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Computer service

Within 24 hours you have an appointment with Goldschmeding Automatisering for all your computer questions. We are easily accessible even outside office hours. Do you have a question about or a defect in your PC, Apple, laptop or smartphone or do you suspect a virus? Call and make an appointment for advice. We can also check your equipment at your home or office and we also have a computer consultation hour, a new concept in computer service. Resolving a malfunction or question remotely? We can also do that for you. Click here for our contact details.

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Website building

With us you can have a website built that has been carefully considered. Our websites are of a very high quality because they not only look professional but are also frequently tested, so our websites overshadow the competition. Our websites and web stores are easy to use, easy to maintain and connect with your target group. So you can come to us for your website construction, design and maintenance.

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Network building

Despite the popularity of the wireless network in the home environment, the much more secure wired network is increasingly being used, we can of course advise you on this. Of course we can also take care of your entire network. We do this when it suits you best. With minimal visibility and minimal inconvenience. You will certainly appreciate the price for installing your network.


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Goldschmeding Automatisering our services!

You will find our three most important services on this front page. However, we provide much more services than we can briefly mention on the front page. Here you will find a comprehensive overview of all our services and services. As already mentioned, we can of course help you on location, but it is also possible to use our services remotely. We can do a lot for you remotely with our Teamviewer tool. If you want to be helped with this directly, you can click here for more information. We work from our office in Uithoorn. Our area where we work, however, is large Amsterdam, Flevoland, South Holland, Utrecht and surroundings.